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About me

I am Inés, a designer with more than 15 years of experience in the area of Fashion Accessories Design and Development. That includes handbags, small leather goods, knit accessories and jewelry. Having worked for many different brands over the years, I now focus on conscious brands only, offering a sustainable approach to my designs.

I try to help brands improve their sustainability by proposing new materials, new certified suppliers, new ways of organizing production, or improving their collections. I regularly visit material fairs and have a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers worldwide that I have created throughout the years. 

My creative and technical skills allow me to create full collections of accessories from beginning to end, from sketching to a final prototype that can be sent to production. I can help you at any step of the creation and development process. You can download my CV on the link below for more information on my experience.

Either if you are embarking on a new project and don’t know how to approach it, or if you are a well established brand and need to improve your product or production process, get in touch and we can discuss your possibilities.